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How useful some of the “features” are for normal use.

Opera on my XO

I love the browser on the XO, but I don’t like that it doesn’t have normal bookmarks (or if it does, I’m not sure what I’m doing). It scales everything nicely and does CSS very nicely. But I wanted my … Continue reading

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I just increased the quality of my XO experience by ten!

I just made working on the XO seem so much better! All I did was plug in a USB mouse! Honestly, I think some of my issues with getting used to it have revolved more around getting used to the … Continue reading

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The LCD Display on the XO Laptop

The LCD display is great in all areas (other than it’s size). Color – The colors are great, I haven’t done any testing on the range but the few photos I’ve pulled up look beautiful. Size – The size is … Continue reading

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