Opera on my XO

OperalogoI love the browser on the XO, but I don’t like that it doesn’t have normal bookmarks (or if it does, I’m not sure what I’m doing). It scales everything nicely and does CSS very nicely. But I wanted my CTRL-L to highlight my web address and CTRL-D to bookmark a site. So I caved and followed these very easy instructions to install Opera (looks like a version from Jan. 2007).

Opera is more than a secure web browser, it’s also an RSS and Atom feed reader, bittorrent client, email client, and IRC client. It also has many keyboard shortcuts that make navigating on the XO easy.

It’s not perfect, but it works; it’s got bookmarks (favorites) they way you’d expect it. The downside is it doesn’t scale anything on the 1200×900 pixel screen and things appear really small, the XO browser normally scales to 840×630 and it appears very legible.

Plus they’ve got some tips on configuring the keys for eBook/tablet mode. We’ll see what I end up using for the long run…

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