T-Mobile Attempted Activation

In the same message that notified me of my shipment I got my T-Mobile activation info, which I sadly cannot get to work. Others have activated theirs without problem, so I’m not sure what the problem is. I contacted OLPC and immediately got a generic reply but then a few hours later I got this reply –

Thank you for your patience with us in regards to sending out your T-Mobile HotSpot Pin Number. Please allow 3-14 days to receive this code via email.

Still semi-generic, but obviously sent by a human. I did write back to clarify that I did have a code and they’re sending me a new one *just in case they didn’t read the first message and think I didn’t get my code in the first place).

FYI, it looks like the T-Mobile code is your OLPC confirmation code (from the original order confirmation letter) and e-mail address of the order. I can’t swear, since it didn’t actually work but that’s what they said. (This was a link I found earlier and this is the one in the ‘now shipping’ e-mail).

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2 Responses to T-Mobile Attempted Activation

  1. BlankVerse says:

    Try again.

    I finally got things to work Friday night. It’s a two step process. First you enter your email address and the reference number from the shipping confirmation email into the following webpage:

    You will then get a PIN # that you plug into this webpage:


  2. culv says:

    My son now has his XO, but we are unable to activate our one year free t-mobile. HOW do we sit this service up?

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